dolla dolla bills y'all


Lullabuys Consignment is a children’s consignment shop specializing in curating items on par with current trends and brands.  Our goal is to provide cute and unique items at affordable prices, to take the burden of selling from you, and to promote sustainable fashion and reduce landfill waste and our carbon footprint.  As a consigner with Lullabuys Consignment, we will work with you to establish a pricing system that is fair.  Here's the scoop!

  • We accept clothing in size newborn to 6, and shoes up to size 12.  Specialty baby items and toys may be accepted, but please check in with me first (think designer diaper bags, high end swings, specialty baby gyms, Montessori style toys, etc.).
  • All clothing must be freshly laundered and free of holes, stains and broken buttons or zippers.  Please do us solid and snap the snaps before droppin' off!   
  • Items received with stains or imperfections are subject to donation without option for pickup, so please be extra cautious before dropping off.  If certain items aren't accepted, please don’t take offence. All items are accepted for consignment based on our current inventory and popularity.

  • There are three payout options offered:
    You can sell up front and receive 25% of our retail price immediately;
    You can consign and receive 40% of the sale price once sold;
    or you can opt for a store credit of 50% of the price of the item once sold.
  • At the end of each month we will notify you about which items have sold, and provide payouts via e-transfer.  Items over $80 are open to consignment split negotiation. 
  • Once items are dropped at Lullabuys, they must not be listed on any other sales platform.

  • After 30 days Lullabuys Consignment has the right to mark the item on sale at their discretion. From time to time we will have sales to mark holidays and local events. Items will be on sale for 60 days from the date they are posted.  Should an item not sell, you will be informed of this and have a one-week grace period (7 days from the day of our e-mail) to pick up your pieces. If you do not pick the consigned items up, they will be deemed abandoned and donated to those in need in the West Ottawa area.

  • Lullabuys Consignment is clothing obsessed and will treat each item with great care.  We are not responsible for loss due to fire, flood, theft, damages, and other unknown causes etc. and all items are left at the owner’s risk. Rest assured, we will take every precaution to prevent such loss as we will love your clothes just like our own.