I'm like, "hey, what's up, hello"

I'm Cori! The face behind this little business.  I'm a mom of two (4 and 2) and live in Carp Village, just outside of Ottawa.  My interests include short walks to the farmer's market (where I buy wine and scones every single time), a good pun, and hiding purchases from my partner.  

To me, it's a pretty great feeling to score a great piece or pass along an item that you know someone else is going to love as much as you.  Children's consignment has been a passion of mine since my first was born and I realized how many items went untouched, how quickly my babies grew, and how many brands pumped out clothing that contributed negatively to our planet.  My hopes are to facilitate the exchange of preloved items, to save you the time and effort of posting your items for sale, to keep textiles out of landfills and reduce our carbon footprint, and to provide access to higher price point items to those who may not otherwise have access to them. 

Community means so much to me, and I aim to give back in various ways.  I am a Make-A-Wish partner, hold fundraisers for our local children's hospital, and often donate a portion of sales to various causes.  If there is something near and dear to you, please reach out.  

I absolutely adore the connections I have made on this venture, and I love the stories, announcements, photos and secrets that you share with me.

Thanks for being here!